A 2016 Promise to God

Welcome to the new year! A new beginning. A personal reset button most of us have promised to push since Thanksgiving. We have thought about all of the things that will be different in the new year and all of the things we are going to do to make our lives everything that we want them to be.

We take the opportunity to look back on the previous year and reflect on our successes and our failures, our virtues and our shortcomings. We use this reflection to make promises to ourselves that we will change the undesirable aspects of the previous year. We are going to break the bad habits, work harder, and exercise three times a week. We are going to call and visit Mom or Dad and we are absolutely going to go to church every Sunday.

If we had kept a box that contained our new year’s resolutions from every year we took the opportunity to make them, most of us would find that they really have not changed much from year to year. Every year we are going to exercise more, work harder, visit Mom and Dad, and save our own personal world. What if we all added one bullet point to the list of New Year’s resolutions? What if we added sharing our love for God and Jesus Christ? What if each one of us added that we would ask four people if Jesus Christ was their personal Lord and Savior?

Four people is one per quarter. One person every three months that may not have ever been asked about God, Jesus, or faith. Instead of spending our time rewriting and rethinking the same promises to ourselves maybe we could make one promise to God. A promise to introduce his son to four people.

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