Why are you doing this?
See the About page.

Do I have to submit my full testimony?
No. You can submit a true account of a time when God was at work in your life. You can even submit your favorite scripture and why it has been so important to you and your life. Reading about an answered prayer may just lead someone to pray. You can submit anything that examples God’s love at work in your life as long as it is handwritten and truthful. For simplification we will refer to anything submitted as testimony.

How Do I submit my testimony?
See How to Participate.

Why handwritten?
We believe that handwriting something this powerful and important brings something to it that typing it does not. Handwritten feels more personal. We believe the person writing will get more out of the experience if it is handwritten and it will personalize it for those reading.

Can I draw on my testimony that I submit?
Absolutely! Many people do art journaling and there are even journaling Bibles. If it helps you express how your life has been changed, doodle away. Journal it, illustrate it, paint on it, or whatever you feel led to do. This is not a requirement to submit your testimony but if you do, we would love to see your joy shine through in your illustrations and/or creativity.

Why anonymous or first name only if we are told not to be ashamed? Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26, etc.
The thought of having one’s name on the internet or in publications may discourage someone from submitting their testimony when doing so may just be the turning point to give them the courage to stand and speak their testimony. With or without a name the seed can still be planted. Also, as unlikely as this may be, it eliminates the possible submission of false testimony under someone else’s name. We have no way to verify if the name on the testimony is actually the name of the person submitting the testimony so we choose to err on the side of caution.

What if someone sends in false testimony?
We have no way to verify if someone is being honest. The best we can do is put it in God’s hands. Though it is possible someone’s testimony may not be 100% fact, it may be to them and if it brings someone out of the darkness it was God’s plan. We do not encourage anyone to intentionally embellish anything or submit anything dishonest and it certainly does not benefit anyone to do that. There is a world full of evidence of God’s love so there should not be a need to do that.

Can I submit someone else’s testimony?
No, that is not your testimony. If you know someone that may benefit from submitting their testimony or their testimony may inspire someone else, we strongly encourage you to suggest to them that they submit their own testimony.

Can I email my testimony?
Emailed testimony will not be included in any of our publications in print or via the web. See How to Participate.

I mailed my testimony so why don’t I see it on the site?
There could be several possible reasons for this including but not limited to;

  1. We have received a lot of submittals and have not gotten to yours yet
  2. You included information that we cannot post such as someone else’s personal information or copyrighted material
  3. You included your last name
  4. It was not handwritten
  5. We did not receive it

My life was changed by someone’s testimony on Operation Shine the Light. Can I submit that?
Absolutely! Wouldn’t it be amazing if this project changed your life and your testimony of that changed another’s life? That is what this is all about. Shine the Light on the World! Even if we do it one person at a time.

Why does the card and website say Other than the joy of knowing you may have helped someone else and spreading the Good News, there is no compensation, monetary or otherwise, now or in the future, for participating. By participating in or submitting anything to Operation Shine The Light, you agree that you are submitting your own truthful account and you grant Operation Shine The Light and operationshinethelight.com a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to anything you submit, regardless of method of submission, at our sole discretion, including incorporating it in other works in any current or future developed media including without limitation websites and published books. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and this will allow us the ability to do that without impairment and it allows you to be part of the effort.

Our goal is to change lives and bring people to Jesus Christ with the Testimony submitted to us. In order to do that we need to be able to put the submissions we receive in front of those who need to see it. This allows us the ability to make that Testimony available by any and all methods we can so we can reach as many as possible. If we can’t share your Testimony it doesn’t help anyone else.

Will I receive anything for submitting something to Operation Shine The Light?
Other than joy from knowing you may be helping others and sharing the Good News, No. See previous FAQ.